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First of all – my name is Bella. I happy that you found my blog and want to learn more about me. I am originally from Finland, but since the past 5 years, I’ve lived and worked abroad since then. I started out as a full-time model and did it for a while, then I moved to Spain – and over there, I had this dream of being independent entrepreneur. I started then to do freelance modeling and creating my own brand that you can see today, is Bella Marias.

I want to inspire people to take a break from the bandwagon and jump into the ‘nowhere’, or may I call it simply an life adventure. I want to bring more awareness of the opportunities out there, maybe to encourage you to find your own path. May it be traveling, business, your lifestyle or anything. My main purpose is to inspire people and give motivation.

My work and services are: brand promotions, freelance modeling, tips and articles regarding (travel, lifestyle, fashion or fitness) , social media marketing strategies / management and digital marketing.

A have a couple of new concepts this year that I am working on : it will include more of the visual part (video content), teaching yoga and more of food / diet / gastronomic articles on my blog. I’m always open of new opportunities and curious of learning new things!


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