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GoXplore part II Animal Rescue Center

This time we headed out to an animal rescue centre. My driver/guide gave me good briefing of the animals and why they ended up at the rescue centre. He told me about crazy stories, for example, a family had a pet monkey, and fed him unhealthy food and gave him beer. So, this monkey was an alcoholic. When they rescued this poor monkey, he became aggressive since they stopped giving him alcohol, he basically had withdrawal symptoms. The reason he is still in the cage in the animal rescue centre is because he wouldn’t survive in the nature, since he’s too domesticated.

Another crazy and sad story they told me was about when a toucan lost his beak. A cruel human had cut his beak off and the poor toucan was not able to eat, drink or anything! The population of Costa Rica had a fundraiser to help this poor toucan get his beak back – they were able to raise enough money and the new beak was designed in Canada. The beak is also fully functional – so it’s a happy end for this sad story.

Other animals that end up here are, for example, those that get hit by cars, are mishandled, injured birds, orphan baby animals, wild animals kept as pets and animals trafficked for business reasons. And yes, this happens a lot over here and in other tropical countries. Costa Rica is such a great country that the people really care about the nature and its wildlife. They invest more money in nature preservation instead of an army. Fun fact, you can drink the tap water in most areas in Costa Rica!

The animal rescue centre itself was far from what you’d expect a rescue centre to look like. It was more like a zoo or jungle. The animals feel like they are in their natural habitat, since the shelter is planted with rainforest trees and flowers, the cages are big and they are well taken care for. The volunteers who work here, all have different tasks in different areas of the rescue centre. They feed them, prepare the food, clean the cages and have guided tours for people who are interested in visiting the shelter.

I did a short video about this project that I’m going to upload for you. In the video, one of the volunteers is describing what it is like to work over here with all the animals! Remember to check out this project at GoXplore over here in Costa Rica, if you are interested in volunteering and working with animals. Costa Rica is a perfect place to explore and experience new culture, since this country has endless opportunities with activities and volunteer programs! The weather is pleasant all year around, except for heavy rain in November, but that’s it! If you have any questions about this project, feel free to ask me anything!

If you are interested to participate via Goxplore to this project click on this link over here or go directly to GoXplore site. If you are interested in the animal rescue center program, press this link.

Pura Vida,

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