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Oh lovely Bali – the place I always return back to. Sometimes, I daydream about having my own little place over here – that would be my ultimate life goal atm. My first week started in Canggu – I would say that it’s kind of a surfer/hip village in my opinion. Canggu has that special kind of vibe – it has these iconic beautiful fields and the famous Echo Beach, this is the place where artists will come to satisfy their need for some true inspiration. The town is filled with lovely bohemian coffee shops, yoga studios and vintage boutiques, it’s like the opposite of the Kuta Beach, where tourist usually go when they visit Bali.

I stayed in this lovely villa called “Summer House”, which is part of the Jungle Room Bali Villas. It’s a small cosy hideaway place in the middle of the jungle. They all have a unique design, built from Sumatran woods and have a Sumatran design. You will find your inner child over here – My villa got this cute swing and a ladder! Outside you have a big pool, skateboards, frisbees, a yoga studio and everything you could imagine. It was like straight out of the jungle book movie. The Villa is located in a peaceful area of Canggu, in a very quiet area where all you can hear is the sound of the grasshoppers during the night.

The Villa has everything you could imagine – you literally don’t have to go anywhere from here to do things. I loved the Juice Bar they had to offer, they had a lot to choose from and as a vegan/healthy person, they had a lot of great choices for me. Gluten-free pancakes, avocado toast, smoothies, quinoa salad just for a few options… yum! I think a big reason why I like Bali so much is because they have a lot of fruit and delicious foods over there. PLUS speaking of food – I have to recommend you try cold coconuts with lime and ice! – You will thank me later 😉

You can book your own tropical hideaway by visiting their website

*In collaboration with Jungle Room Bali

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